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your e-mail up. kyle kincaid should have sent your itinerary by now. okay. i didn’t think you liked fast food. why wouldn’t i? ’cause i never see you eat it. you don’t know everything about me. may i ask you something? sure. when your mother died, how did you react? same as anybody else, i guess. we were devastated, and i missed her so much. i still do. but i knew everything would be all right. how? what do you mean? how did you know god wasn’t just putting you through some trial, testing you? maybe he was, but i won’t fault him for it. he knows what i can handle better than i do. besides, it’s not like i went through it alone. it happened. i trusted god, and he helped me through it. it wasn’t easy. it took time to heal, but he was there for me every step of the way. you’re stronger than i am. i don’t know. You stopped drinking. i started drinking. yeah, but not everyone can get over it. You did. it’s amazing what you can get through with the right help. [ telephone rings ] hello? hi. eric? yeah, i just landed, and i’m heading to my hotel. i thought i’d check in and see how things are going. everything’s fine. It’s quiet, but Games yeah? how are your classes going? good. I was just finishing up an assignment. oh, i didn’t mean to interrupt. no, no. It’s okay. okay. Well Games um Games call me if you need anything, okay? i will. Thanks. see you when i get back. okay. Good night. bye. so he’s been gone? yep. He gets back in two days. so, do you miss him? let’s make the most of it and do something fun. yeah, okay. craig’s been asking about you, if you’re still open to that. craig. what? i was kind of rude to him the last time i saw him. not really, but still yeah, he told me about that. really? What did he say? i wouldn’t worry about it. he just wants to see you. thanks for lunch. i rented some movies, if you want to come over tonight. thanks, but i actually have some studying i need to get to. you free tomorrow night? i just want to maximize my time with you before mr. Riches gets back. why do you always make fun of him like that?