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Fast Truckster 33 What was yours? There were many. We must all carry our burdens. Without a doubt, the life of a princess is a heavy burden to carry. You know how it is to a woman in this world? Do you think it is not a burden, when you see game game that men everything you care about destroy? And for what, pride? Greed. You combatants marching away, and forge new worlds. And we must remain to educate children. We must explain why their father has not come back. And we men should care when they come home. Do not judge my life. If you know anything about a woman. I’m sorry. A princess is also a woman. How I, you wanted me to be. I did what was necessary, but you could not. I get what’s mine. Wake. I want to be just like you, arrows can shoot that far. Teach me. Teach me. I thought white devils do not wash. A man gets bad habits when he is away from home. Do you have much fighting? I also want to be a great warrior. My dad wanted me all learned from books, I did not have to fight. Teach me. Why? My father. Shing must pay. Teach me. A battle is entering skill and art. First you need to learn the skill. Then you divide that action and reaction is an instinct. A part of yourself. The man who taught you, he was a great warrior? Use your back, not your shoulders. Let’s go. Shoot. Shoot. Sorry. Better. You’re good for my brother. The boy has a good heart and mind. Just like his sister. If we were going east we had been in Shing Yuing. Where do you think the black guard will be? If we Chingshao are over, there is less chance that they will follow us. They go where my brother says where they should go. The silver mountains are bandits the men despise your brother. You mean the white spirit? He did not despise us? Still, stay low. We must move quickly, off. Thanks. No thanks. Chingshao. Everyone will be looking for you. We have to find a way inside. Greetings. I travel with my mistress and her servant, seeking new company. You will find us very welcoming, for the right price. You and your wife are welcome to join us. She is shy, she likes her privacy.