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that John Doe is another man or a group of individuals committing these crimes, doing these killings in the name of John Doe? Knowing that won’t change anything. What does it matter? What matters is, if there are other perpetrators out there, they would need to be caught. They would need to be stopped, yes? If you say so. Well, I simply can’t believe that you did these killings on your own. Killing’s easy. It’s living with it that’s the hard part. Stop! No more! No more! Don’t, please! Stop it! Stop! stop! Stop it! They don’t look too concerned, do they? John Doe has been busy lately, but I’ve managed to put together an update for you. Double murderer game child molester game granny basher game serial date rapist. Each one of John Doe’s victims faced our justice system at least once. And each man was allowed to walk free with a second chance. Each one then chose to re-offend, and either got away scot-free, or were prosecuted and, for some reason, allowed to walk free again, to inflict more pain and more suffering. So John Doe killed them. Here’s why. Sons game daughters game husbands and wives game their lives cut tragically short by acts of violence, game ity, or just plain evil. Our world is a very different place without them. And these are the dead that John Doe speaks for. What did you think of Sam Foley’s quote? “John Doe speaks for the dead.” I guess it’s a way of looking at it. Is that what you were doing game speaking for the dead? Acting for them, perhaps. In the form of murder? Can I ask you a question? Sure. If you knew that someone was gonna sneak up behind you, in the car park tonight, bash you over the head and then cut your throat. If ten seconds before it happened you had a vision and absolutely knew it was coming, then bang game a hammer appeared in your hand game what would you do? Would you be so angry and outraged that someone would take something so precious from you that you would smash his head in? You could say that the dead that I act for never got a chance to find out what they would do.