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James. Late for work? Nah, seems I got another case. It’s crazy, it’s like, back in Chicago again. Could this be a murder? Yeah. Possibly. Here’s nice to a uh, nice and simple suicide. So, you and my Mom? RACHEL We work together, sweetheart. Oh thanks. RACHEL Is that all you’re having for breakfast honey? I could make you toast and eggs. No time. RACHEL A kiss at least? LAMAR Bye Mom. Have a good day at school. LAMAR I will. He’s a nice kid. He’s way too cool for Mom, but, yeah, he’s a pretty special guy. Yeah, I remember the Coldman case. It was brutal. He was your first, right? Third. His parents had been dead almost a week when we found him. Seemed to have bounced back pretty good though. Seems that way. A lot of times though with childhood trauma, they bury it so deep inside it’s like it never happened. And then one day, all of the sudden, it just all comes rushing back at once. Yeah. I just saw this perfect child in the middle of all the horror and destruction. It really tugged at my heartstrings though, so, I called in a few favors, fast tracked the adoption. That’s uh game Really good of you to do that. Everybody said I was crazy, but, I just couldn’t see letting him go into foster care. I mean look at poor Zoe. Yeah. There’s probably no hot water left, but, if you’d like to take a shower? Oh yeah, no. There’s not enough time. James has been calling all morning, it seems we caught the fresh one, so. Okay. Hey uh, last night, we didn’t? I mean, I didn’t like do anything to? Make a total ass of yourself? Hell I know I did that, but game You’re fine Miles. Nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to brag about. All right, good. So uh, I guess it’s see you later then. Later. FOREBODING MUSIC VOICEOVER We’re sorry, the number you have dialed is not in service at this time. PHONE DIALING VOICEOVER Child Protective Services, this is Sandra. Hi Sandra, this is Dr. Stewart calling for Angie Durant. VOICEOVER Hold please. VOICEOVER This is Angie. Hey Angie, this is Dr. Stewart, I’m working with Maricopa County Homicide right