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It’s getting on my nerves! There the white snowstorms fade And the night rocks the cradle of God. Have you lost the key or what? Coming, sweetheart! What’s taking you so long? Misha, are you a fool or what? Beyond there ‘s only light And it’s only there that we ‘ll have. Want to break your neck? You haven’t seen anything. If you rat on me, I’ll kill you” forgiveness for everything. Everything! Everything is stolen! Several pairs of boots, shirts, a winter overcoat with an astrakhan collar: There is a mist-covered country Somewhere beyond the seas. Anything else? A beige suit with a waistcoat. Do you suspect anyone, Mn Olshevsky? I’m afraid; Mika! Mika! Here you are! The only person I can think of. They have arrived’ is my friend ‘s son. Mika.. Mikhail Polyakov. Polyakov? He’s spent time a juvenile penitentiary. His father is the front And Mika… Mika? Is that a nickname? Na. Where ‘s the gear? Who bought it from you? I didn’t steal anything. So you didn’t.. Did you read this? Semyonov and Onoprienko with their own eyes saw Polyakov, the guy from the sound shop, jump from a first floor window of the hotel with a big bundle in his hands I didn’t steal. He didn’t steal.. What was in the bundle you had in your hands? By the way, Olshevsky lives in the ground floor: Nice jacket! Come on, take it off? You, stinking rats, knock it off? Leave the boy alone. I won’t say it twice, motherers! Do you want to stab us, thug? That’s an option” A knife… Shit in your pants, assholes? Show them, Lavrik! Cut their balls ”. They ‘ll kick the bucket anyway. I need to pee.. So what’s the problem? It’s over them. It’s not coming out. They beat your kidneys It’s all swollen in there. Don’t worry, relax, give it time, it’ll come. Will you also wipe his ass? I will if I have to. And then I ‘ll make you gobble up the paper, bastard’ I said the cops had beaten his kidneys to a pulp. Where ‘re you going? Do you think I didn’t see? I saw You spent the night with Misha. That’s a lie Misha is in jail but he’s innocent. The boy was in your bed!