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to me, is not success to game the record company or whoever. Success, to me, is having the freedom to work with whoever I wanna work with, to always be able to just everything off and go to the studio when I have to go to the studio, or game But you can’t do that, ’cause you have other responsibilities now. You’re becoming an artist in the public eye. So, all of a sudden, you’re gonna be game I’m not saying you’re gonna be hounded by the press, but you’re gonna have certain responsibilities that are gonna come onto your doorstep that you may not particularly welcome. Okay, that’s cool, but I think the more people see of me, the more they’ll realize that all I’m good for is making tunes. So leave me alone and I’ll do it. I will do the music. I just need time to do the music. Know what I mean? AMY When she went to Camden, it was very exciting, ’cause it was her first property that she’d bought, and we were all really happy. She loved Camden. She loved it up there. But when she went to Camden, things started changing. We were the indie kids. Gazelles, The Rakes, Babyshambles. Everyone was a Camden band. Like, it was cool again. In them days, it was very much, like, basically, if you were in a signed band game you were a cunt, because game the best-looking and the best-dressed and the coolest people were the ones who were born to lose, really. AMY: The Libertines, yeah. I slept on them. I came to the Libertines, like, a year later than everyone else. But I’m not being funny. They made people proud to be British. That was London for a real spell, you know? I run a club called Trash with my friend Errol. Did the door there. Blake would give out flyers for Trash. We wouldn’t have met each other, and a lot of people here wouldn’t have known each other had it not been for Trash. That’s fair enough, innit? It’s the first place I learned how to pull a bird. SPIKY: He just loved girls, you know? He loved partying and he loved game shagging. Always in and out of bed. We met in a pub, in the Good Mixer in Camden. I was at the bar and she came in.