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Father’s Day Cake, Father’s Day Cake Game, Play Father’s Day Cake Games

  Father’s Day Cake I got this tie too. Guys, stop. Guys.   Guys, guys, that tickles.   Let go, Schwartz! No, no! Not my lucky buck! Say uncle! Say uncle! Aah, aah.   Eighty five! Uncle! Eighty five indeed. I had pulled it off, against all odds. Stop the presses, sound the trumpets. Victory was mine. This time, I had beaten the furnace. I changed the tire in four minutes flat. I bowled the . That’s another way we were the same, the old man and I. I knew how it felt to sample the sweet nectar of triumph. Lesson learned, all right. Determination was the key. No matter what, stay the course, never falter. Always keep your eyes on the prize. Really coming down, isn’t it? Looks like a white Game tomorrow. Well, that’s the way it should be, right? Yes, sir, it is. Father’s Day Cake Game. Being teenagers meant that we were often capable of perpetrating reckless irrational acts. Such deeds tended to involve items like raw eggs or rolls of toilet paper. There were usually simple and understandable explanations for such behavior. We were either young or careless or stupid. Or in my case, all three. And then there were times, every once in a blue moon when we did things we couldn’t explain at all. Ha ha ha! That’s it. Sorry. Long day. He’s here. Oh, good. Let’s eat. Eat what? What are we having? Right. Well, as you know, I… I thought we would try something a little different for Game dinner this year. Yeah, that was a laugh riot. Well, I was trying to be frugal. But as it turns out, what I was really being was… Okay, everyone look at the dinner your father caught just for us. Shazam. My brother never heard what really happened  and hasn’t to this day.   You’re amazing. Some acts of glaring deceit are best kept hidden away forever. Who’s calling on Game Eve? These bill collectors will not leave you alone. I think that’s for me. Eat your vegetable. Parker residence. Ralph speaking. There he is. Father’s Day Cake My test driver. I was starting to think you’d forgotten about me. I know. I’m very sorry, sir. You don’t have it, do you?   No, sir. Not all of it.   I should’ve known. But I tried, I really did.