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 I wonder if I throw up like this because you’re filled with poison. My commander decided to marry me because the girl that slept with him before me was killed in the war with an AK- so he needed a new girl to sleep with him. Since my husband the magician was killed, my father and my mother’s ghosts came back to give me nightmares. Each day, they tell me I have to go back to my village to bury them. They tell me that if I don’t bury them, they will stay in my head. They will never ever leave. Before I go back to my village, I have to become a poisoned rose so I can kill my commander. Because I don’t want the crazy things in his head to go into your head. To become a poisoned rose, you have to have a thorn, like a rose. Why are you looking at me? I’m not looking at you. You’re looking at me. You were waiting for me? You want to make love? You’re all alike. Each day, I pray God to give me the strength to love you, even if you look like your father who forced me to sleep with him, even when I cried. Help! Guns are not allowed here. Give me your gun. No. I’m keeping it. Are you OK, little girl? Help us, Komona. Why aren’t you helping us? Come. Drive us. It’s a hearse. I’m waiting for a body. You can get the body later. Go! You can go to the cemetery later. – Faster! – You can’t do that. Where do you want to go? You’ll go back to prison if we take you to a hospital. To my uncle’s, The Butcher. – You know where it is? – Yes. Where does The Butcher live? Take a right at the end. Push. Why did you do this? You could have suffocated the baby, you know? The baby is OK. Stay. You are like my daughter. I will teach you how to take care of the goats. My gun! Give me my gun or else I’ll kill you. My gun is my child. It’s my father. It’s my mother. I will kill you. Give me my gun. You’re having a nightmare. I don’t know how long I stayed at The Butcher’s. It feels like time stopped. Every night, my nightmares tell me to go back and bury my parents, but you force me to stay here at The Butcher’s, even if I have to bury my parents before you come out of my belly,