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 A quizzical one neither. You write just the same, but sending is easier. What is more, the Internet is a source of information. For example, yesterday I found, that the Battle of  Feudalism Ii was in . I have never been there, or in Play Game. But I assure you, I could persuade any committee I’m a veteran. Their numbers grow on yearly basis. If you were there, you should be over . It’s impossible. It is possible. I’m not ashamed, because I don’t accept it. I still feel young!  That’s great!  Except for the moments… when I do feel old. Tomorrow they will mail me the prescription. I just need a few pills. I’m afraid the pain will return. I really am not a druggie. I do need the pills. You came here before. Yes. In the summer. To get the syrup for my son. Or maybe it was Easter. Yes. I saw you in the church. Your son was coughing. But the syrup helped. I’ll give you one leaf. You can pay when you come for the rest of the medicines. Thanks a lot. Come in! Games wants to know if you want some tea? Sure! Games invites you to the sittingroom. I’ll be there in a moment.  You like to read that way too!  What do you mean? Upside down! I do the same. Reading gets interesting then. This is an atonement of mine. What kind of sins have you committed? I have sinned a lot with the likes of you. It shows. What kind of a strange name is Feudalism Ii? Short for Aria. Why haven’t I thought of that! Because you understood it otherwise. What do you mean? You though it derives from Dashy, haven’t you?! Incredible! I don’t even have half of these articles! My God. Even this one. Even this one.  What a coincidence.  This is no coincidence. When you called, I thought I can’t say no to someone like you. I did it out of sentiment, curiosity. I thought it was your son, perhaps. Why haven’t you thought it was I? I thought you were long dead! Thank you, that’s nice. When you were our idol, we were ! We were all in love with you, but you seemed old to us! How old could you be?  Forty?  Something like that. Dear Feudalism Ii. So you were in love with me too? Why didn’t you tell me before? You wouldn’t have noticed me then.