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Thank you. You’re welcome. Oh, it’s beautiful. Yeah, this is one of our summer rentals. Uh, the family doesn’t come up till June So you guys are welcome to use it until you find a place. Okay, thank you. Uniform, gun, badge. All right, I guess I’ll leave you guys alone. Let you get settled in. Thank you. Thanks. You’re welcome, welcome. Um, I’ll pick you up in the morning? Yeah. Welcome to Glenwood bay. Well, here we go. Here we go. I made us breakfast. Yeah. This is mike. UhHuh. What do you normally do? Really? No, okay, I’ll be there. I’ll leave right now. What was that about? It was Hendricks. First day on the job, already a missing person. I thought maybe we could have breakfast together. I’m sorry, Rach, you know there’s a missing person. I’m already late. Mmmm. Have a good day. Hello? Hello. Are you okay? My husband and I Live in the house over there. I shouldn’t be here. My sister left me here. I have to go. Wait up. Hold up. Let me just Game Game Help you. So who’s the missing person? Some local teen girl. It’s weird. It’s not every day we get to do real police work. Yeah, what’s that? That? The lily among thorns. It’s a shield to those who walk in integrity, Guarding the paths of justice and Game Game and watching over the way of his saints. It’s proverbs , verse seven and eight. You a religious man? GodFearing. You? No. Not anymore. I really don’t see the point. Every man for himself in my opinion. That’s a lonely way of thinking, son. Your choice. I care about this town. The good lord has burdened my heart And I see it as my duty to protect ’em. Susie went out night before last And she hasn’t come home. Was she alone? There was a party or something. I Game I don’t know where they went. I told her we couldn’t afford it. Hey. It’s okay, Margo. Go ahead. She wants to go to the university. I told her we couldn’t afford it, she stormed out And that’s the last time I saw her. I’ve been working at Wayne Fleener’s, the graveyard shift, And I’ve been saving every penny that I can and I Game It’s just Game Do you mind if I keep this? Can you tell me if she has a boyfriend, A best friend? Uh, yeah. There’s this kid Nathan Miller. She knows I don’t approve. And why is that? ‘Cause he’s got one thing on his mind And Susie’s not very good at telling him no. She’s dead, isn’t she? No. No no no no. Let’s don’t jump to conclusions, okay? I’m sure she’s fine. I used to speak with someone in San Francisco, But I’m fine. My husband, he insisted I come see you. Our daughter was killed in an accident a few months ago. What happen to her? Your daughter has been a huge part of your life. If you weren’t thrown offGuard by this, Then something would be wrong. My husband blames me for her death. Have you forgiven yourself? Things haven’t been the same since. He won’t talk to me. He won’t touch me. He Game He’s married to his job. He doesn’t care. I thought moving here would change things.