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Yeah, I mean, that’s what you’re That is the arrangement. That’s why we’re here. You’re both clearly in a lot of pain. Your frustrations with your own lives, your careers, your frustrations with each other. And though these issues may seem trivial, they need to be addressed. Because, oddly, they may be the gateway to processing your grief. What I’m looking for is a way to address these things without the two of you getting into the same fight over and over again. Okay. Well, time’s up. And um, I’m moving to Canada. I mean. I mean. Can we thank your godmother for coming? Say thank you. Yeah, that’s close. That’s what we’re gonna get. That was close. That’s what we’re gonna get. Happy birthday, Theo. Go play with your friends. Cute. How are you doin’? ‘ Yep, I’m good. On a scale of one to Snoop Lion, how high are you right now? Um. Like . Very good. Well, even in that state, I’m very happy that you could be here. Only in this state could I be here. I’m sorry. No, I’m so happy to be here. Yeah, she wanted a music party. It’s for the children. You know, so the children could play music. It’s really nice. Yeah, no, it’s great. It’s good for them to express themselves. Yeah. Yeah, no, he’s my best friend. You guys seem really connected. You know, but if the whole thing becomes a little much for you, why don’t we come up with a safe word. Okay. Cup of noodles. Is that a request or is that the Oh, computer planet. How about something less like a creepy robot? Just use, like a word Okay. That would make sense Like a human word. At a Party- Okay- Like pizza. Pizza. Pizza. And this is our daughter Isis. Yeah. What, I’m sorry? Yeah, we get it. Yeah, it’s, um. Before the She was named after the Egyptian goddess of magic. It was before the Yeah, before the cell of the international jihadi terror thing. But I didn’t hear you guys wrong, her name is Isis? Yeah, Isis Ellen Greenburg. Isis Ellen Greenburg. Isn’t that beautiful? First Jew in Isis. There’s absolutely no way that I am having another baby. Meanwhile, Candice is on baby number three.