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Kraken Deep, don’t! Listen to me. Never did before, Grandpa, why start now. laughs grunting There, this rock. We’ll dislodge it and the big rock will move. screaming Oh, no. Nathan, we have to do this together. On three. Three! groaning grunting We did it, now move. gasps What? grunting Alice We made it! Quickly, everyone out. cheering Deep, we did it! Deep? Oh, no! Deep? Oh, Deep. My little, reckless boy. crying Oh, no Alice Wait, what’s that? grunting What’s everyone crying about? laughing cheering You saved us. We saved us, together. With a little thing called teamwork. Remind me to explain it to you again. Kidding. laughing You’re a true leader at last. It’s time for you to take my place. No, we’re all going to work together and make things better. How will you all fit on the throne? We’ll crowd. Alice will diet. Not your problem, Grandpa, you’re fired. laughing cheering See, it’s not that bad down here. Believe it or not, it’s not so bad up there either. I’ve been out of it for a while. You know, I could use a tour guide, you big blubber butt. chuckles Oh, my friend, you saved us. Oh please, remember the time you saved me from that creature near Tokyo that breathed atomic fire? Oh, yes, and then that giant moth chased us off. both Weird summer! laughing How about that, buddy? You survived. Of course I did. I’m made from pretty strong stuff, you know. What up, dude? laughs Okay, here’s the plan. We start here in the south. Lay as many eggs as we can. No holding back. We’re talking an eggs-apalozza, as far as the eye can see. Does this mean you’re leaving? It means you’re coming with us. Your kingdom’s not just in a cave anymore. We’re going to repopulate the oceans with billions of eels. And lantern fish and crustaceans. Yeah, you guys are lucky. I’m the last one of my species. Sure about that? Hey, good looking. chuckles Uh, I need to, uh, uh I’ll see you guys later. all laughing So what do we do now? Well, what would a human do? Mother! Help! I will throw my body Three times this week Out of this car.