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So I’m coming. No way You must see that Games No, I don’t see I want to make sure you’re all right I don’t need you there I’m going, it will be fine No Dad? You’re not going, Mum There’s nothing more to discuss. I won’t have it There’s nothing more to discuss. Dad, say something OK, whatever To hell with everything Anja? Wait No Listen Games Wait No Can you stop? It’s just stupid to have your mum come to summer camp. But what if Mum promises to keep her distance? Distance? What’s she going to do, lurk in the bushes? I promise to take it easy. Please? Please? Can you get a move on There Games Good. You will take it easy? I will. Get on the bus. Bye, Mum You’re a bit late. Hurry up with those bags. Good. Come on No, no, no Lars and Fredrik, who’s going to bring your bags? Lisa, wait Wait outside Get a bed for me Get your bags and go. Good, that was all. Thank you. Come on Can we all get together here, please. We’ve got two hours until supper. Is there anything you’d like to do? What about hideandseek? No way. That’s a crappy kids game. Is that all you have to say, dork? No. Dork. You’re just imitating me. Snotty brat. Idiot. Shitface. Moron. Shitbag. You stink. Troll. Gnome Bag of poo. Baldie Enough. Hideandseek it is. I count. You’ll never find me. Start by shutting up then. I’ll bet I’m best at hiding. That’s a bet then. Okay, I’ll count to . , , , , , , Games Games , , , , , Games Games , , , Games Games , Games Ready or not, here I come Hans, I can see your stripy Tshirt. Ingrid Jasmin Lisa Behind the tree Hello, Anders Erik, found you You can come out. Lars, found you. Jonas You can come out. So you lose. In green clothes I would have won. You’d better be naked next time then. Stupid head Games Don’t get dizzy now. Anja’s the only one left. That means she won. All right, everybody help find Anja. If you could spread out a bit Games Have you seen her? She’s not here. She’s probably back at the main building. I just have to tie my shoelace, then I’ll be with you. I got a bit tired and Games Okay, now you do just as I tell you.