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Okay. And then I’ll tuck it back in. Nice re Game tucking. Would you care for a little GU? Goo? I’m new to goo. I Game Oh, dear. You kind of got some on your face there. Game Did I get it? Game Lower. Lower. Game It’s still there? Game Nope. It’s on your chin. My Shin? It’s on your chin. My chin. Which one? Just Game Right Game Game That Game Game Right there. Game I think I need a drink. Game I think I need one, too. Wait, you’re not an alcoholic, are you? Game No. Why? Game Okay. No, because my last boyfriend was an alcoholic, and I promised myself I’d never date an addict again. Well, I’m not an alcoholic. Great. So my son got really upset the other day ’cause I told him he had to stop playing and do his homework. And I understand how he feels, but I couldn’t say to him, like, you know, “Don’t you think “I’d rather be alone with ajar of blow and a couple of transual hookers?” Not that he would know Game I mean, he doesn’t know what the word “jar” means, but Game Neil. Hey. Neil. addict. Game Hi, Neil. Game Hi, Neil. Hey. I dreamed of being a doctor since I was years old. It all started with ER. I knew I could never be George Clooney, but Anthony Edwards Game Bald, glasses, saving lives like a superhero, that I could do. So I worked nonstop for many years with no social life, and I finally did it. I became a doctor. I was really good at it, too. Until I got fired yesterday for filming up my boss’ skirt. I told her it was for a documentary called What the Ground Sees. Oddly enough, she didn’t buy it. Stop fucking around, asshole! It’s not funny anymore, is it? Nope. I’ve been lying about my day count this entire time. I’ve never actually even gotten one day. I can’t lie anymore. Not to you, not to myself. So from now on, no more bullshit. Just the truth. And the truth is Game I’m out of control. I’m scared. And I need help. I need help. Okay, Neil, if we’re gonna do this again, then you gotta give me %. Okay. And since you’re not working, you have to do a in . Game What is that?