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Fighting Wheels Am I right? Come here. Your old lady pees her pants. That man with the eyes Game that’s me! That’s me. Get out. A larger pan. Some rags. Boots. The spur’s bent. Maybe the abyss belched you out. Maybe you’re a God’s son. I’m having trouble too. There’s a mouse there. Go away. There’s a mouse. What? There too? Great. I can’t take it anymore. My head will explode. Ugh, go away! I’m lapsing into heresy. The mouse is wet and scared too. I’m a broadminded man. I could. Then why don’t you? Then why don’t you? But learn to jump out of my way first. I said, get out of here. Leave me alone! That’s right. Give it to me. A nice, big enema, Don Reba. Excuse me. The highest decoration of the Order. For you. This is for you. Good. That’s all I can do. And take your Budakh. You go, too. Me too? Sure. Yes. pounds of crap! Can you explain why you need these miserable people,so that I can fall asleep? They are useless and bad for any state. The bookworms? You see, the fact that I’m talking to you doesn’t necessarily mean we’re having a conversation. Why did you serve such rotten food? Don, your stuff Game Good fish Game One of the flies Game It was an Order. And humble were its children. or so years ago the Order owned the Lands Beyond the Strait. Luckily, a plague broke out, sucking the Order dry. It was now rotting away in the south, over the mountains. But then it recovered. And then it got here, ruthless like Brazilian ants. Rumata thought about sending at least Muga there. But never got around to it. You have so much stuff. Hey, hold this. Only wipe your hands! Naughty. Have some milk, Don. Gur, weren’t you the smartest? Sod off. Right. No longer a wheel. What did you say? off! Are you insane? Great. Like autumn leaves. Your autumn leaves clutter the scaffold. Yes. Oh, boots Game the leather is bent. Eh, doesn’t matter if they get pecked out. Rustling all the time. Wind. Nice place. do you want me to hang the poet over here? Don, I recognized you right away. I’ve been branded by the monks. I belong to you now. Don’t be mad, Don.