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Hm. Pop music Whooping and cheering Hey, do you need any help? Hey! Laughter Hey, Bill? He’s dead. Phone rings Hello. Yes, it’s he. Do I have the time right? What? I’ll be right over. Police radio chatter Concerned chatter Ah, professor. Thought you might be interested in this. What happened? Well, we found this. It’s definitely from the Radio ‘s wrappings. Looks like somebody’s playing a very sick game. Please stay away from the green stuff if there’s any on him. It’s very dangerous. It can be fatal. I don’t think the fungus killed him. All right, what did? Parker did it. Impossible. Why? It looks like every bone in that boy’s body’s broken. There’s not a mark on him. We figure he hit that wall with incredible force. Well, Jack Parker’s pretty strong. Nobody’s that strong. I know you, Rossmore, and this isn’t the first time you’ve tried to cover something up because you don’t wanna smell bad in the press. I beg your pardon, Lt. You’re addressing the president of an accredited university. Don’t interfere with this investigation. Don’t withhold information. And don’t play detective. What about the Radio ? Well, you look for your Radio , doctor. I’m looking for a murderer. Susie and I have been researching a theory of sorts. First of all, I wanna warn you, it’s gonna sound very unbelievable, but please just bear with me. I know it can’t be proved, but this fungus, I think we all agree it’s like nothing else we’ve ever encountered. I’d have to agree with that. Suppose it was because it didn’t come from Earth. Where else would it have come from? All right, Ken, you’ve seen these x-rays of our Radio . You said he wasn’t a normal human being. Suppose he wasn’t a human being. Uh, Doug– I said it would sound crazy. Remember the scroll. It said, “All who touched the weary traveller became afflicted and died except Ankh-Vanharis.” Because he was immune. Because he wasn’t human. We all agree that we’re dealing with something unknown, but I can’t, myself, take a quantum leap into the supernatural. Chuckles I’m sorry, professor