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Final Charge Time Have Been Uprooted. Some Of Them Don’t Even Fully Realize The Extent Of What’s Happened To Them And They Game They Need All The Support That We Can Give Them. You’re Wonderful, Mister Render. Don’t You Think? At The Motel, We’ll Get A Discount. They’ll Still Pay For Two Rooms. If We Stay In One, We’ll Save A Couple Of Hundred A Day. That’s Above And Beyond The Fee. I Don’t Like The Idea. What Don’t You Like? Giving Our House To Strangers. But They’re Paying For It. People Dream About An Opportunity Like This, You Know? I Was Afraid You Wouldn’t Be In. I’m Sorry, Did I Wake You? No, It’s Okay. I’ll Come Back No, Come In. Sure? Yes! You Want Some Coffee? Sure. Good Morning. What Are You Doing? I Do A Bit Of Photography Game It Was Such A Nice Image, You Lying There Game I Hope You Don’t Mind. I Can Make You Copies, If You Like. What’s Going On? You Have A Very Beautiful Family. Have You Made Your Decision Yet? If You Could Sign As Well Game There Is One More Favor That We Have To Ask: If We Could Have Access To The House As Soon As Possible Game When? This Afternoon. That Should Be Okay No, We Won’t Be Here. Someone Will Open The Door? Hera’s Sister. It’s Special To Have A Sister. Don’t You Have A Sister? It’s Very Special. Crash! A Discount? Maybe That’s Too Much To Ask, But Game You Realize How Much Business You’ve Given Us? Quite A Bit? More Than Quite A Bit. You’re The Only Reason This Place Stays Open. You’re In A Great Location. I Like Your Staff. And They Like You. They Love You. We Love You. Have You Seen These? We Put Them On Our Beds. Have You Read It? Yeah. Why Don’t You Read It For Me? ”We Hope That God Will Grant You Peace And Rest ”While You’re Under Our Roof. ”May This Room Be Your Second Home. ”May Those You Love Be Near You In Thoughts And Dreams Game Go On. ”May The Business That Brought You Our Way Prosper. ”May Every Call You Make Add To Your Joy. ”When You Leave, ”May Your Journey Be Safe Game ”For We Are All Travelers. ”May Our Motel Be Pleasant For You, ”Profitable For Society Game