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 It may seem strange that on some days we can be much closer to the sun than on others, but it’s the consequence of a particular feature of the Earth’s Games. The Earth’s journey through space is controlled by the sun’s gravity. But it isn’t quite the Games you might expect. Now, say that this stone is our sun. Now, the Earth doesn’t Games the sun in a perfect circle. Instead, we go around, on an ellipse. Not only is the Earth’s Games elliptical, the sun isn’t in the centre of it. That means that our distance from the sun varies continuously throughout the year. And, today, on our Games, January the rd, we’re there – closer to the sun than we will be for the whole of the rest of the year. The Earth’s elliptical Games means that in January, at perihelion, the Earth receives about % more solar energy than it does in July, when the Earth is at its furthest point from the sun. You might think that this extra energy would mean that January would be warm and July would be cold. Well, it turns out that proximity to the sun doesn’t guarantee warmth.