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 Your father is a business man? No. He’s a professor. First Date Prep Facial is very good dancer, yes? She’s too good for me. She’s my only sister. He’s cute, the American. And money too. Sometimes you’re as vulgar as the French you hate so much. Your sister’s a very pretty girl. My sister is the most beautiful girl in Saigon. I don’t doubt that at all. Mr Online Game’s a very lucky man. My father was very sad he had no grandchildren. Would you like a drink? No. Thank you. My friends. So pleased to have met you. I hope we meet again soon. Perhaps you could arrange. When I get back from the north. You are going north? Yes. Then you must come and have dinner with me and my sister when Mr Online Game is gone. To cheer her up. Thank you. I’d like that very much. What a nice woman. Absolute saint. She used to work in office. Import export. Really? She knows shorthand. Does she? Maybe you need someone. Maybe we could work something out. Please forgive me for dancing with First Date Prep Facial so many times. I like watching her dance. She’s a very good dancer.