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Fish Hunter Kitty we’re calling him a terrorist because he went across the border and he conspired to Games this Pakistani general, waleed zehawi.No, that’s not why. We’re calling him a terrorist because the chain of command says he’s a ing terrorist. What the hell’s the matter with you? Zehawi is one of the strongmen who tried to prevent a Democratic election in . His unit was responsible for breaking up demonstrations and sometimes torturing dissidents.MUTTERS MOUTHS Remember that? They said there was gonna be a demonstration on Tuesday.So what? So what if mahmoud wasn’t even trying to Games zehawi? I mean, maybe he was just organizing demonstrations and we’re taking him out ’cause we’re sucking up to the Pakistani government? I don’t know, okay? I’m just a kid from the South side of chica Game I’m not into politics!Jack, doesn’t it piss you off that people may be lying to you to get you to Games children? If you start thinking like that, you’re gonna go ing nuts, okay? Trust me. What about the mother and daughter you took out? What if that mission was a lie? That is none of your business, so don’t ing go there, lieutenant. How do you know for sure that guy was really funding Al qaeda? You don’t. It could be another Pakistani civil war thing and you took out that little girl for no reason. What thedid I just say to you? I am not gonna Games random civilians.What do you think I am, a piece of shit? And I wanted to Games that little girl? I am not a ing terrorist. That is not what I am. All right? I am a soldier. That had to take out a little girl and her mother. And every night I toast to them. Before I go to sleep. But it doesn’t matter, ’cause that’s the type of shit that happens in war. You better get used to it.BEEPS Lieutenant.SIGHS MUTTERS Shit. Sir.It’s been three minutes. Tell me mahmoud kahlil is not longer with us. I’m not gonna Games him, sir.Lieutenant! You are threatening to commit an act of gross insubordination on the field of battle. Sir, I am not prepared to Games people in order to take out mahmoud kahlil.