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For you only Games l like you like love Games Become part of me like my shadow Games You’re the words that never crossed the boundary of silence Games You’re the union that eyes never united with Games Look there, a rocket is flying! lt’s a falling star not a rocket. People who watch it falling are very fortunate. So, your life will hit a purple patch from now. l would’ve fallen down. How can you fall down when l’m with you? lmaginations are flying Games Finding many new things Games l’m thrilled Games Hearing the rhythm of heart Games sleeping eyes wide open Games l say this is wonderful pleasure Games Like the music of the flute Games Like the waves of happiness Games Like the blossomed flower Games Like a star in the sky Games l can see your friendship Games l feel like that Games You? Why did you come back? For you. l missed a lot in my life by missing you. l want to talk to you. Leave me. Are you fine? Okay, come. You’re not in a condition to listen, let’s talk tomorrow. You’ve forgotten your phone. Hello Subbu, l’m Sanjana here. What do you’ve to do with my Subbu? Don’t you know you shouldn’t disturb calling at this hour? No use in getting educated, learn manners. Where did l keep my cell phone? Madam who was with you left it here. She went away to home, she left this letter for you. You faced a lot of problems because of me and my family. l must thank you also. For accepting me as your friend at least for few days. The days l spent with you will be my cherished memories of life. One more request. Please don’t see my brothers negatively. l’ll meet my father and tell him everything. They’ll never again disturb you in life. l think you’ll get the girl you like. Janakiramaiah is busy with his daughter’s marriage. Why are you still pondering? This is the best time to kill them. Not kill them, we must stop the marriage. They must die in humiliation with the marriage cancellation. l want to talk to you. Brother-in-law, we wanted you to become son-in-law to our family, we made few mistakes to fix this match, you must forgive us, brother-in-law.