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Fishy Adventure Why? I think there’s a coordinated plot within Russia to collapse the dollar and crash the U.S. economy. And it’s going to happen soon. It’ll be timed to follow a terrorist attack on U.S. soil. No, that’d be crazy. The Russians would lose as much as anybody in a collapse. No. No, no, no, the Chinese will lose more. And once the Russians start to sell, the rest of the world is gonna dump every dollar they have. All right, let’s say it’s happened. Let’s say you’re right. What’s the aftermath? They’ll recover. We won’t. We don’t have their oil reserves. We’re looking at the Panic of , the Panic of , the Soviet Famine of . Hyperinflation. Bread lines. Rioting. I know, I get it. And at first, though, they’ll call it the American crisis, but within about six weeks, they’re gonna start calling it what it is. The Second Great Depression. The attack and the selloff have to be timed to each other. A massive series of transactions like that have to be programmed in advance and stored in Cherevin’s system. Once I start the audit, I can get the date and time of the attack down to the minute. You stick to the scheduled audit tomorrow. Everything official, everything in public. You’ll be fine. I need for you to be fine. Your room should be clean by now. We’ll put a watch on it. I drowned him. In about that much water. You know, you sold this as an office job. You’re not just an analyst anymore. You’re operational now. ENGINE STARTS CAR DOOR CLOSES DOG WHIMPERS UPBEAT GUITAR MUSIC PLAYING MUSIC STOPS CHIMES CHIMES SINGING REVERENTLY SPEAKING RUSSIAN We will avenge our mother Russia. You will avenge our family. America will bleed. Good luck, Aleksandr. SINGING INTENSIFIES CELL PHONE RINGING MAN SPEAKING RUSSIAN Everyone is in place, sir, in America and in Moscow. Let it begin. INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS Hi. Jack Ryan to see Mr. Cherevin. MALE RECEPTIONIST: One moment, please. Dr. Ryan? I’m Katya, Mr. Cherevin’s assistant. He’s expecting you. MALE RECEPTIONIST SPEAKING RUSSIAN BEEPS BEEPS SPEAKING RUSSIAN I may be here a few days. Will I get my own card?