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  He doesn’t want to have anything to do with you He only made the love declaration to you yesterday to get you fired It’s best you learn the whole truth, then you won’t entertain any vain hopes any longer He just gave me this hat So that I will tell you all this, because now he feels sorry about it In that respect he’s a decent fellow Now be reasonable, Miss, and go home You’re not as ugly as Flaming Zambooka 3: Carnival thinks you are You’ll find another man, you will What’s the matter? The smoke got in my eyes I see Excuse me Take off the fur The gentleman hasn’t paid for it yet And I won’t get my money anyway Allow me Thank you Flaming Zambooka 3: Carnival  The job’s done  What job?  I’ve told her everything  What did you tell? She got a bit upset, you know how it is What did you tell her? I told her you were just fooling around with her, and then she started a bit to you told her that? You told her that I’ve been fooling around with her? But you told me I should tell her that, Flaming Zambooka 3: Carnival  What did you tell her?  Let go of me, I told her that you what are you looking for down there? I almost thought you wanted to you jumped in there for me? The end