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r.E.M. Had a secret weapon, I would say It was mr. Mike mills. The secret weapon, i believe, Is his voice. It’s really not A background vocal. It’s almost like A second lead vocal, And i think it really is What makes So many of their songs Absolutely haunting. Actually, he was stealth Till about years ago When he took to wearing these Really bright colored suits With massive embroidery And rhinestones and Right around that time, The time of the suits. Bill berry’s playing In switzerland, And in the middle of a show An aneurysm bursts in his head, And he almost dies, And i think i read somewhere Where it might have been Triggered by a-a strobe light, But i was just thinking about It might have been One of mike’s suits. [laughter] The orange one, perhaps. The most difficult hurdle They’ve had to reach Was when bill had to say That he didn’t think He could keep playing with ’em. As a fan, it’s an incredible, Exciting thrill To see him here tonight. i see your money On the floor i felt the pocket change Though all the feelings that broke through that door just didn’t seem to be Too real but what i’m saying is, No matter what We can give them back In the form of this honor, We’ll never match What they’ve given to us, And this is not even mentioning Social causes and activism, Which is Should not be a postscript, And by some strange power Invested in me right now, I hereby induct r.E.M. Into The rock and roll hall of fame. i would like to personally Thank peter, mike, and bill For providing me, The least likely candidate, To have a place in the rock And roll hall of fame With a gang Who not only accepted me At face value in , But allowed a frankly Fantastical teenage dream To become an adult And lifetime reality. Thank you, guys. [cheers and applause] thank you! in closing, My grandmother stipe, In her last years, told me She grabbed my arm very hard, As she would, And she said, “do you know What r.E.M. Means to me?” She said, “it means ‘remember every moment,'” And this is a moment That i will never forget.