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I mean, if you really earn it. So you keep yours hidden in the closet? I mean, who else needs to see it but me? The only reason I keep it at all is so that every morning when I grab my jacket and walk out the door, I’ll be reminded of what it cost and maybe I’ll be motivated to use it to do some good. Paahh! Approved! Do you really want to know what I think? Okay. One more! ing genius! Thank you. Hey, loopty loo. Hey, you. I got you the paper. Oh, great. How do you take your coffee? Half and half. Mmm, hmm. So, I know that we both have a lot of work to do today, but I was thinking that work goes down a lot smoother with game Da, da, da, da! Bloody Marys! I love a good Bloody Mary. I know. Uh, I need to make a phone call. Right now?! I’m here for an interview, Department of Philosophy and Religion at Harkin just up the road. I know where it is. How’s my dog? What took you so long? Do you remember our dream, teaching at some respectable little liberal arts college by a lake, smaller classes, motivated students, a place where humanities is king? What’s wrong with the job you have? After you left, I was late. I started worrying. Holy shit, what if I’m pregnant again? Would you even have known who the father was? I told you, I always used condoms with Ed. I’m just saying it would have changed things, wouldn’t it? For you, maybe, not for me. I was angry and I got caught up in it and you weren’t there. Where is your signature? Did we make a mistake, Ben? What are you going to do if they offer you the job? What do you suggest I do? Same thing you always do, Rach. What’s best for you. Ben? It’s not what you write down that’s real. It’s what you do in the end. Coffee’s on me. Dad? Goddamn it. Dad! Come on, coffee’s ready. Hello! Hey, guys. Did you hear? Hadley’s dad. Yeah, he found him this morning. Yeah, and to make matters even more upsetting, he actually came in, so tread gracefully. Ah, shit. I said things to him. What happened to ” Hadley.” I was mad. I was venting. I feel like I should do something, some gesture.