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  Fluffy Runner Drop it. Bastards! You will get your throat slit just like chickens! I don’t want to. We need a white rooster to be together. White roosters don’t exist. Your daddy lied to you. They don’t exist. Everyone I ask tells me they don’t exist. White roosters only exist in your village. And you refuse me for a white rooster that doesn’t exist. I don’t have one for you, so I’m leaving. My leg! Stop your nonsense. – I need money for the hospital! – Liar! He threw himself on the car! You hit my brother! Pay him! Help! Tell me. Know where I can find a white rooster? It’s very difficult to find. I know they are difficult to find! Give me a grigri to protect me from war. – That’s all you want? – Yes. – Is Maestro here? – Yes. A white rooster is very expensive. It’s rare. It will cost you a lot. They tell me you are a Fluffy Runner. I have three wives. I see one on Monday, one on Tuesday and the other on Wednesday, not easy to do. So you give me a little money and I also need something for strength. No problem, I have something for you. With that, I can have fifteen wives? You will be in control of the situation. Here’s the white rooster. If it’s to get married, then show your courage. Come. Uncle! Are you finished with the war? My wife, Fluffy Runner. You don’t need this anymore. Everybody called Magician’s uncle “The Butcher”. He would always keep an empty bucket next to him when he cut the meat, because every time he would cut the meat with his machete, it would remind him of what happened to his family and he wanted to throw up. I will not tell you what happened to his family. Because, if I do, you won’t listen anymore. You will do like you don’t have holes in your ears. We press and extract the oil. We’ve come for Great Game’s witch. She’s not his witch. She’s my wife. She’s not going anywhere. – We are leaving with the witch! – She’s not leaving. Hold him! Leave him! Kill him. You are my wife. Be happy. Take her! Fluffy Runner 6 YEARS OLD It has been two years since my commander stole me from my village to make war. It is him who put you inside my belly.