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 She said? I thought she’d be happy, but… But? She gave me a disgusted look That adorable girl said, “Huh? ” Then I asked, “What’s wrong? “… What’s wrong? She said, “Daddy, you smell bad!” “You smell like Gonta.” “No, you smell worse than Gonta!” She’s right. Over these  years, I’ve started giving off more old-man smell. When I take off my socks, it’s like… Like this? All girls go through that stage. Once she gets past it, you two will be pals again. But, I think about how she’ll never hug me again… Fly Birdie And how I missed out on when she was so little and cute… It makes me so sad. It’s like she grew up all of a sudden. You know, kittens grow up fast, too. Fly Birdie A kitten so cute you’d want to eat her up will be too big to fit in your mouth in about  months. So surely a human child who wouldn’t hurt if she poked your eye will soon grow so big she won’t even fit in your eye. And she won’t slow down, even if you wish she would. It’s so sad. This kitten loves smelly things. When visitors line up their shoes at my entrance, she picks the smelliest ones and sits on top of them.