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Flying Bomber Birds Bring her along tonight. We won’t go otherwise. I’ll be sure to ask. A pleasure to have met you both. SPEAKING RUSSIAN He’s dangerous. OFFICE PHONES RINGING SPEAKING RUSSIAN I lost him. You’re done already? He’s outplayed us. You didn’t get anything? Nothing. Not one thing. He sold all the assets. CHUCKLES HUMORLESSLY He probably moved them to other shell companies. But I can’t audit what they technically don’t own. All right. We still need the algorithm. Yeah. Yeah. I invited him to dinner. The restaurant is across the street from his building. What if we, uh Game What if what? SIGHS I don’t know. What, Jack? Well, what if we Game You wanna break into their system? Yeah, I think someone should. You think we can? Yeah Game I don’t know. Put it up, the restaurant. JACK: The orders to sell the dollar would be encrypted on the computer of the security director. Dimitri Lemkov? Former FSB. JACK: We can’t break into his office. It’s secured six different ways. So, what about the office next to his? Well, that’s Cherevin’s. Can we get into that? Maybe someone could if they had his access card. We’re developing a security guard, but we don’t have him yet. Well, develop harder. He drinks, right? Like a Russian. Also chases women. The more married, the better. Okay, tell your guy once he’s in there, he needs to enable all encrypted financial sell order packages. Tell him to look for dark pool algorithms. And if your guy, if the guy Game I’m the guy, aren’t I? Yeah. You’re going to be great. But you’ve got another problem, Jack. So I dropped everything, and I called in every favor that I knew and I spent four hours at the consulate begging for a visa. You know, I wanted to make this grand gesture. I wanted you to see what you meant to me. So, I’m here. LAUGHS SIGHS And you have to say something. Well, maybe it’s Game Maybe it’s awful or hurtful or shameful. I don’t know. But you have to talk to me. You can’t let me think that I’m crazy anymore. Because now I know that I’m not. Just talk to me. Will you meet me halfway? I’m in the CIA.