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Donna’s going to try a treatment known as EMDR Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing. Its completely different from either Flooding or Behavioural Therapy With my patients I do this. When I first heard about it I thought it was total nonsense. I mean it is on the face of it it sounds absurd. You wave your hand back and forth in front of someone’s face and they’re supposed to get better. EMDR involves getting the patient to move their eyes from side to side which can be very taxing for the therapist. Those of us doing this process when we’re moving our hand hundreds of times a day start developing tennis elbow bursitis in our shoulders and so on. So fortunately some guy in Colorado invented that machine which makes the work much much easier. World-wide more than  therapists practise EMDR. Initial research results have been overwhelmingly positive. So how does it work? We don’t know. There’s a lot of research that demonstrates that we process intellectual material in a different part of the brain than we process emotional material. So what happens is we can know something in one part of the brain and we can believe it totally but in a different part of our brain we can still have a very strong and negative emotional reaction. What EMDR seems to do especially well is connect what we know with what we feel. Donna’s session will last an hour. As her eyes follow the green light she’ll also hear a corresponding beep in the headphones. As she follows the light Donna is asked to remember the last time she had a panic attack while driving. With emotional memories when they are brought to the surface the reason they are so painful is because it doesn’t feel like the  years ago or  years ago it feels like they’re happening right now. And for reasons we don’t understand EMDR makes them feel further away. After an hour Donna seems much less disturbed. It’s really not upsetting at all. I just found it amazing that it was almost like a like a switch to turn. Like if I had something upsetting inside or something that I couldn’t release it was almost like you turn on a switch and then everything comes out and then you switch it back off. And then I calm down. And I I was able to really get into that and let things come out because I knew that I could just raise my hand and have it turned off. So will the mysterious magic of EMDR cure Donna’s phobia? It’s Game’s second treatment session. Today there’s a lively Labrador at the end of the garden. Alright? How’s that? Okay. How anxious? About . About  on that scale. So it’s gone up a bit? You still want to keep moving forward? Well done. That’s brilliant. Game has never touched a dog. His goal is to stroke the Labrador. Right. So where… That’s as close as I can go. That’s fine. So that’s about as close as we got with the dog first time wasn’t it? He looks quite lively doesn’t he? Give me a score as to how anxious you are. . Okay. So even just in the few minutes we’ve been standing here your anxiety’s come down a little. Want to move a bit closer? That’s good. Well done. Can you tell me what level of anxiety you’ve got now Game on that scale? About .