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Bravo, Sierra, X-ray. C earance for takeoff and aps? Bravo, Sierra, X-ray. Wait a minute. Roger, Bravo, Sierra, X-ray. Waiting. Bravo, Sierra, X-ray. You have c earance to take off. Roger, Bravo, Sierra, X-ray. Have c earance to take off. We have c earance. You can open your eyes now. Is that Bat-Yam over there? We , Yiga , how are you ho ding up? There’s no coffee. Are you sure it was on y seconds? Maybe a itt e more. It doesn’t matter how many. You made it. A most. More than a most. You just shou dn’t ook out the window. This was eftover from New Year’s Eve. We have a reason to ce ebrate, don’t we? When we anded, I fe t so Radio What? Horrib e. Sick. But a so good. I fe t good. I haven’t fe t this good in years. It he ped, having you with me. Not being a one, I mean. I’m sorry. It’s a right. Because I wasn’t good enough. And because I wasn’t eager enough. One cannot have a career in music if one doesn’t rea y want to. And I didn’t. I want to work with chi dren. Yes, chi dren Radio it’s nice Radio Chi dren is nice. So why Radio Sorry for prying, but why Radio Why don’t we have chi dren? Yes. We marri young. I was just a kid. How o d were you? Eighteen. Grisha didn’t want chi dren, the entire time. He a ways said we have time. Then we came here Radio In short, we miss it. What about now? I’m too o d. Rubbish. How o d are you? Yiga ! Be a gent eman. Sorry. When Assafi was born, I was Radio I think it was the best period of my ife. But then Radio ook, a mouse. Where? I don’t know. It was there. It can’t be. We don’t have mice here. But I saw it. I think. Gross! Why is it gross? Maybe it’s cute. Cute? So why did you jump? Do something. What can I do? It might bite me. They bite? Some of them, perhaps. It’s the rescue team. Is it Wednesday? Yes. I think so. You didn’t answer the phone. Are you a right? This is Yiga. His son is in the choir, with Nata ie Radio We know each other. We’ve a ready met. He o. He o. It’s Ga ya’s birthday. Nice of you to remember. Congratu ations. And I won’t ask how o d you are. Now that’s a gent eman.