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I’m a gentleman. I’m back on the right path. And the names of those who saw Colasberna and Rosa Nicolosi doing their filth out in the field? Don’t you want to know? No. At the moment we’re only interested in knowing why Pizzuco gave you , lira? Business! Despicable! You’re shameful Zecchinetta. You took just , lira for two hits. Well, I’ll go now Captain, but I’ll tell you you’re too arrogant! Too arrogant! Hey, does the Captain believe in God? Move it! So can I do it (pee) now? Go on, move it! What did he mean by ‘arrogant’? An arrogant person is someone that wants to know the truth. Balloons for sale! lira for one! Good day Don Mariano Good day Don Mariano Game may I have a word? They put a bomb in the captain’s car. It’s ready to explode. Which car is it? And where’s Pizzuco? We went inside the bar to wait for the fireworks. Greetings Don Mariano. And so, Don Pizzuco? You’re doing things your own way now? Without my permission? If Zecchinetta sings, I’ll be the first that goes down. Who took care of the job? The boys. The captain Game Toruzzo Game So you think that with the captain dead, no one will question Zecchinetta any more? That Captain’s no good for us here. If no one thinks to take him out, then I will! You’re without honour Game Don Mariano! One who puts his friends and their children in danger is a man without honour. Captain! You’ve got a flat tyre, probably a nail. What a pity, it a new tyre as well Game We can fit the spare tyre for you? No, don’t want to inconvenience you. We have our own mechanic. It’s Sunday today, let him rest! We can do it for you in two minutes captain! Go! Go! Go! Put the hand brake on. My respects captain! Thanks. Can I get you a coffee? Thanks, perhaps another time. With all my heart, ok! Now try to do what I tell you. Today, you’ll go and see Rosa Nicolosi. But why? What does Rosa have to do with us? I said that you must go to her house! And do what? That’s up to you,