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when a coyote comes charging out of the brush, snatches up the little poodle, and takes off. All we ever found of that little doggy was its diamond-studded leash. You know, when Karen first met you, she actually thought you were different than her gambling father. What? It’s very interesting how people follow patterns. See, she doesn’t feel safe with you either, Michael. Karen needs to feel protected from when those coyotes come charging out of the brush. You stay the away from her. Assaulting a police officer? Nice civilized man like you, Michael? What are you going to do, arrest me? Arrest you? I could kill you. Games in the auditorium for our get-together. What’s wrong? Fifth-grade parents, please assemble in the auditorium for our get-together Games What’s going on? What the hell are you talking about? You and Pete. What’s going on? What are you accusing me of? We had a cup of coffee. Some hot cup of coffee. Penny invited him to talk to the kids. Afterwards we went out. If you think there was anything else, you’re crazy. Well, he just put a gun to my head. What? He just put a gun to my head. He wants you. He thinks you want him. He didn’t get any of those ideas from me. Well, he didn’t pull them out of the air, Karen. So, what is it, you get off on leading him on? Talking to him Games about us? About our marriage? Jesus! I told you he’s dangerous. What’s it going to take, me in a body bag? I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Officer Cole. Your partner Games I went to him to try to work things out. Didn’t you know enough to stay away from him? You’re not going to listen? Every time you react, it just gets worse. “Cops on one side, everybody else on the other”? Yeah, that’s it. He threatened to kill me last night. How do you suggest I react to that? Look, if anybody knows this guy’s coming apart, it’s got to be you. Come on, man. The guy’s after my wife. I don’t know where else to go. Come on in. He doesn’t understand. I’m better for her than he is. He doesn’t love her. He can’t take care of her the way that I can. She needs me.