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Football Heads 13-14 Serie D When I returned she told me she was pregnant. That she decided to keep you and to raise you alone. I didn’t like that but women can decide such things. We men can then decide to distance ourselves from it. Where are you going? I’m off to see my parents, then I’m taking the plane. You’re going on a trip? Where? Where there’s sorrow. What about me? You have to make up your own mind. I have no say in it. Failed. Not close enough. We’re staying here. Leave for Prague. Why are you here? I’m coming with you. You’ll understand we found a replacement. My parents have houses in New York, Portugal and Milan. I finished my piece. That’s too bad, you’re too late. Sorry I missed the rehearsals. You’re going through a rough time, I know. But that’s no excuse to come and go as you please. Anouk, we have to talk. We have to talk. Indian Summer For My Mother It’s interesting, but you know it from pictures already. Where are you? I want to see you. Church. Also boring. On the Charles Bridge. Sir, can you go to the Charles Bridge? This bridge is boring. Everybody sees it. Some tourist drown. Theyre stupid to jump of bridge. Dancing House. Ugly House. I can show you really nice houses. Do you like to travel? No but my father does. Faster, please. From here you have to walk. You can keep the change. Casper. Are you alright? I had to talk to you. And so you came all the way to Prague. Yeah. I’m sorry I was such a jerk. That kiss game That was a mistake. No. That wasn’t a mistake. I really like you a lot. Sofie has been dating Saïd for a long time. But her father doesn’t like it. So she pretends she’s dating me. It’s a bit complicated. I’m also sorry I said bad things about your dad. I should have told you he’s my dad. Why didn’t you? Because I liked you. Liked? Like. So I didn’t come here for nothing. Come. Maestro. Can you make place for Casper? He’s playing his own piece.