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Football Heads 2019 World Cup Time Well, Writers Guild of America. I feel exactly the same. Ah, excellent. Uh, let me grab something and I’ll show you to your new digs. Yeah, yeah. Good use of their parents’ tuition money. Well, here’s your new home away from home. Uh, that’s lovely. Yeah, thank you. Mmmhmm. Oh, there’s a little faculty gettogether at : tonight in the Susquehanna Lounge. Give you a chance to meet the rest of the department. Good. Great. All right. Give me a call if you need anything. Yep, yep, yep. Thank you. Oh, Dr Lerner, you forgot your box. Oh, I’m sorry, no. That’s yours. That’s the page screenplays submitted by all the students who wanna take your course. About of them. And you teach day after tomorrow, so we’re going to need your selections right away. You only have to pick . We would have let you know sooner, but we didn’t know you were taking the job until a couple days ago. OK. Happy reading. Yeah. Mr Michaels! Mr Michaels! Hi. Hi. Oh, I’m glad I caught you before the faculty reception. I’m Holly Carpenter. Uh game Hello. Hello. And what do you teach, Holly? What, teach? No, I don’t teach. I learn. I’m a sophomore. Really? Mmmhmm. Oh, you are? That’s great. That’s good. It’s wonderful going back to school at your game Height? Yes, exactly. I thought that’s what you meant. It was, it was. We’re very simpatico. Uh, Holly, listen, I’m a little late for this thing. Am I going the right way to the Susquehanna Lounge? Uh, yes, ifs straight ahead. OK, great. Thank you. I’m actually a psych major. And, um game Uhhuh. We have a lit requirement, and I’ve written short stories and I’ve written poems. I love writing. I have an idea for a screenplay, I know the class submission deadline was yesterday game But I stayed up last night and wrote this and I hope that you would still consider me. Uh, thank you. Thank you. Oh, I’ve got to tell you, I love Paradise Misplaced. I still watch it with my girls. Oh, your girls? Are you a lesbian? I wish. No, my daughters. Of course. Well, of course. Well, I hope you watch a DVD and not one of those illegal web sites.