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Damn right, I do. This isn’t the war, Mal. You telling me that ’cause you think I don’t know? You came to the Training House looking for a fight. I came looking for you. I just want to know who I’m dealing with. I’ve seen too many versions of you to be sure. I start fighting a war, I guarantee you’ll see something new. We’ll get off. River and I will get off at Haven. We’ll find some… Nobody’s saying that. Nobody besides Jayne is saying that. Mal. I got no answers for you, Inara. I got no rudder. Wind blows northerly, I go north. That’s who I am. Now, maybe that ain’t a man to lead, but they have to follow. So you wanna tear me down… do it inside your own mind. I’m not trying to tear you down. But you fog things up. You always have. You spin me about. I wish like hell you was elsewhere. I was. No trouble, little crazy person. We’re going for a nice shuttle ride. She’s out. Jayne’s down. The other way. Find her and do not engage. It’s gonna be okay… She’s sealed off the bridge. I do not like her there.