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bucks. Oh, Michael, drop it, OK? Things went pretty well, didn’t they? Yeah. I thought it went pretty good. You know what? It went great. You really charmed the pants off the Luries. Oh, please. Thanks. Stay here and lock the door. Michael, what are you doing? Karen, it’s all right. Hello. Yes. It’s Michael Carr. Code word is pyramid. Well, we just had our cat knock over a screen is all. Thank you. Bye. You know, I never thought I’d be so happy to see him. Look, I thought it was the right thing to do. Thanks for making that decision for both of us without my having a say. Goddamn it, you know how I feel about those things. You know how I feel watching a man attack my wife and I can’t do anything about it? I’m not going to be in that position again. I don’t care what the police say. I’m keeping that gun. I’m sorry. I should’ve told you. You all right? Yeah. Are you? Jesus Christ! Just a goddamn minute! What the do you think you’re doing? I was responding to your alarm, Michael. Bull ! You tripped it yourself! What? The credit cards, the boot on my car Games You did that, too, didn’t you? Everything all right in here? False alarm. False alarm, my ass. I’m as embarrassed as you are. Get the out of my house! I’m very sorry, Mrs. Carr. Oh, man. That son of a is crazy. Hello. Yeah. Roger. Michael? I know it’s late. I’m sorry. Listen, how do I get a psycho cop off my back? And you’re the same Michael Carr that I OK’d to do a ride-along with Officer Davis and Officer Cole? Yes, sir. That’s right. The same Michael Carr whose wife called to commend officer Davis? Yeah. The same two people that are now being terrorized by this out-of-control sicko. Out-of-control sicko. Sure there’s nothing personal in this, Mr. Carr? There’s no question that it’s personal. What do you call it when an officer busts into your bedroom while you’re having with your wife? Yes, well Games Officer Cole’s report says he and Officer Davis were responding to an alarm. That was verified by your security company. Sure. How about the boot, my credit cards? What about them?