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Got any proof that this guy did those things? You know, you’re accusing a highly decorated officer. I don’t care how many medals he has. I want this taken care of. Or else what? You’re not giving me anything. You didn’t bring any evidence. You don’t have any witnesses, not even a home video. These days, everybody’s got a goddamn home video. OK. Fine. You’re just going to bury this thing. Mr. Carr, this is a professional organization here, and we’re going to do a professional investigation, OK? Mac, bring me the complaint forms, will you? If there’s any truth to your allegations, we’ll take care of it. Thank you. Department doesn’t want an unstable officer on the street any more than you do. Fill this out. You got a pen? No, sir. Thank you. Roger, how we doing? He’s not coming. Your friend Officer Davis called Lurie on the phone, asking all kinds of questions Games Does he know you? Has he done business with you? Lurie’s nervous enough to pull his people out. He thinks you’re under some kind of investigation. This er is ruining me. We’re not dead yet. We have to deal with your friend. I already filed a complaint. You’re the one who told me to do it. Michael, this is some kind of cop scam. This putz is just supplementing his lousy income. Pay him off. Roger, as my lawyer, you’re advising me to bribe a police officer? No. I’m advising you to make a donation to the son of ‘s favorite charity. Thanks for meeting me, Pete. Give us a Games chance to talk a little bit. You know, I Games I don’t remember how this all began or what I did. But Games Whatever, I’m Games I’m sorry. You know, I Games I’m not looking to get you into trouble, Pete. And I certainly don’t need any myself, so Games what do you say? Water under the bridge? Hell, we can part friends. And, of course, I’ll withdraw the complaint. OK. Here it is. What’s this? ,. You walk away and don’t mess with my investors. A bribe, Mikey? Call it whatever you want, Pete. I need this deal. You hear that? I used to work these hills. I knew this lady. She was out walking her little poodle Games