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RYAN OFFSCREEN Nick. Nick. Nicky, look at me. Nicky, wake up. Nicky? EVE OFFSCREEN Ryan. Ryan, wake him up, wake him up. RYAN OFFSCREEN Nicky, look at me. Nicky, wake up. EVE OFFSCREEN Baby, baby. RYAN OFFSCREEN Wake up, Nicky. Nicky, you gotta wake up. EVE OFFSCREEN SOBBING Wake up, Nicky. Baby, wake up. RYAN OFFSCREEN So the good news is he’s still breathing and he’s got a regular pulse. Then why isn’t he waking up? I don’t know. But look at his eyelids. That’s REM sleep. He’s dreaming. Lillith says there’s some stuff that we should go back and get in the van. You watch him, OK? Hey. Since you decided not to have the baby tonight, maybe you could find some more candles. WHISPERING How quiet can you be? Mmm. Mm! No. Get back to the house. You’ll know when to go in. METAL CLANGING CHITTERING THUD CREAKING AND LOW RUMBLING CHITTERING CLANG Hey. It’s so good to see you with your eyes open. EXHALES HEAVILY How long was I out? EVE OFFSCREEN minutes? Where’s Ryo? Uh, he and Lillith went to the van. What happened out there? You were touching the tree. That tree’s a hanging tree, Evie. Just like Seth said. One of the bodies is from the Civil War. How would I see someone who’s already died? How would I see anyone? I wasn’t touching a person. I was touching a tree. Do you remember touching the baby? You said you never wanted to touch him ’cause you never wanted to know. What did you see? Is it something bad? Is that what gave you the seizure? All I saw was our baby. Yeah? And he wants out. SIGHING Oh. Took you long enough. RYAN OFFSCREEN All right, Nicky. Alive and kicking, huh? This ain’t INAUDIBLE . I can surf, but I can’t make a phone call. What happened? Tell me. RYAN OFFSCREEN Tell you what? Why you smell like that. Smell like what? Like . What are you, some kind of a bloodhound all of a sudden? Lillith? SHARPLY You’ve got to be kidding me, Ryo! It was her, OK? It wasn’t me. She was all over me. We’re out here worried about getting our ing heads chopped off by these lunatics Game What are you?