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Forest adventure I have had not sleep for two days. That shows on a man. Yes sir! It sure does Por Dios! Permizzo, heh? Are we going to eat? Put it out Huh? The match. Put it out! Si! Perdone, Capitane. Bueno. I’m very hungry. Can I help you? Ahh Games that smells so delicioso. That’s it. Vamonos. Si, Capitane, Si. Put your into it you skunks! Que paso? We’ve got ourselves some trouble. Bandidos! Bandidos? Are they many? Six I saw for sure. Now get those mules moving Where are the rifles? Under the seat. I have no weapons. Give me something. You are my friend. Bueno diaz! Bueno diaz, amigos Hi there. Good day to you. Where are you and your frineds going? Well sir. We were headed for Presidio, but I think we’ve got ourselves lost. Maybe you can put us on the right track? Maybe We would be much abliged. Oh. sure Games sure. How long afar did you come? All the way out from Rosewell. Well now. Where did they come from? Poof! Just like that. Big surprise, no? Yes, it is! Look! There’s more. More poof! More surprise, huh? Big surprise. Well poof Game and five men! Gringo, ole, ole, and poof! How are you? We’re good. Medaljon! nice. Leave him alone, man. I will, but it is beautiful. Mucho gun! Yes sir Have you seen one like that before? No Games never. Well it’s brand spanking new. Too much bullets? You know, bangbang bang. too much? That’s right. It is a good gun. Hey, let me show you. Gringo, I don’t think Game Gracias. Friend of yours? He is number Let’s take a look and see how many more friends you got around. You first. Apache! Rodriguez, Hold it! You led us right into this trap. Would now would it have been better if went around and have them sitting up there taking pot shot at our waggon Game Games load of gunpowder? Why didn’t you shoot this man while you had a chance? If I saw him number up here so did you. Drop it! He’s got parts of the same uniform as you have. And that’s second stolen repeater we’ve come across. I came from the same place, Pardee Games who is now going to be hard as hell to find Games because you were so trigger happy down there