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Have you seen my son? Oh, no, l haven’t. And what else? lf l catch him, l’ll give him a real thrashing. All the usual boiled meats with game Patrizio. Patrizio! Patrizio. Are you gonna tell someone on us? Will you? You wouldn’t tell anyone on us. Let me go. Let me go! Let me go! No! No, let me go! Patrizio! Come on, let’s search through there. Patrizio! Not here, not there. Patrizio! Patrizio! l’m getting mud all over my shoes. Are you sure he didn’t go home? Patrizio! Where are you hiding? Patrizio! Patrizio! l don’t feel like seeing him now. l’ll come tomorrow. Alfredo! Patrizio! l didn’t see you at Mass. Thanks for coming. Patrizio! Good catch? Afew thrushes. Patrizio! Patrizio! Patrizio! Patrizio! Patrizio! Do you like my wife? Very good-looking couple, Ada and the horse. Where’s my father’s gun? l’ve hidden it. You’d better be careful. lf you don’t use it, it gets rusty. Patrizio! Patrizio! Did you look in the chicken coop? Yes, we’re going to the farm now. Patrizio! lt belonged to Lady Godiva, you know. Then l should ride him nude. How nice. lt’s the right moment. What’s happened? ln–ln there. Signora! Signora, what is it? ln there. What have they done to him? What have they done? What have they done to him? lt happened just a little while ago. What have they done? He must still be around. Look, look! You. You weren’t at the wedding. l know him! He’d kill us all! They’re all alike, those peasants. Olmo Dalco, don’t move. l accuse you of the murder ofthis child. Hit him! Murderer! Hit him! Olmo! They’re killing him. But Olmo had nothing to do with it. He couldn’t have. He was with me. Go on, kill him! He killed him! Killed! One day they’ll kill all of you! l know who killed him. l did. Killer! The killer has come. l didn’t mean to. lt was an accident. Come on. Attila, stop that. That’s enough. That’s all. Stop it. Stop. Stop! Take this man to the police. l didn’t do it. l never hurt a fly. l didn’t do it. l’m a little crazy. l was joking. l only said it because game Look, he’s been stealing food. Ladies and gentlemen,