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  And they do this all day. Every day.  days a year. upbeat music So why are they doing it? The answer lies deep underground. cringing They chop it up and feed it to a fungus that can eat grass. And then they eat the fungus. The anthill is a massive underground farm. It’s a perfect arrangement, except that the fungus produces so much carbon dioxide it poisons the air down here. The ants have sorted that problem, too. They’ve built specially designed ventilation shafts to keep their air clean. They’re farmers, architects and engineers. Each individual ant has a brain the size of a pinhead. but somehow, together, they have invented a solution to feeding themselves that we would be proud to match. Sometimes in life, the best way is to follow your own path. Choose food that no one else has a taste for. distant squawking Here’s a lammergeier, a huge bearded vulture, scanning the ground for his next meal. Games  distant squawking A lot of rival scavengers have beaten him to this carcass. Games  but a lammergeier is happy to miss out on the meat.