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Freak O’ Lantern Adventure There are many people in this city but we don’t know anybody. I have to go to the bathroom. Let’s go, I’ll show you. Let me in! It should be free of charge for me! I shed my blood! Sir, this is a de luxe lounge. You have to pay. I have war veteran benefits! They don’t apply here! We were soldiers! Just hear me out. Silence! Turn right over there and find the station master. I want to sit in the de luxe lounge, too. Make way! Stop it! Listen to me. You can’t stay here. Why? My father was in Berlin! I can’t let you in. His last fight Game Look, go to the station master. I will bring him! Straight ahead and to the right. There is a senior citizens lounge. I was a death camp inmate! I was brought up in a partisan camp! We were soldiers and equal in the face of death! We swore we would return victorious! Look, I do sympathize with you. Stop shouting! But you would do better to understand. Understand what? Go, my dear, go. I know your station master! I will bring him here! What do you think you’re doing? O my God Game It’s a madhouse Game Make way for environmental protection! Careful! Clean manager is coming! Lady, lady, give us a ride! Wait. Don’t jog me, hear? Now. Now. Mommy will strike it big now. Three lemons. Three lemons! Mommy, please. Let’s go, mommy. Look. Three lemons. Stop whining! Press this button with me! One, two, three! Press it! We’ll be late. Let’s go. Please. We won’t! Now, what’s this supposed to mean? Where’s our suitcase? Where’s our suitcase? What did I stand you here for? To watch me playing? Why are you looking at me like that? Ugh, dimwit Game Move it! Yes! I’ve won! Yes! Yes! Thank you, Lord! Money! HELP FIND CHILDREN O Lily of the valley! A joy to the eye Game You should lock the door! You should lock the door! It won’t! Other flowers may be more beautiful, But they lack your mysterious charm. What is your secret? Do you invoke Sweet memories or promise future bliss? I do not know, and yet your fragrance Caresses me and lures me on like music, Making my heart beat fast and strong with love.