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You know, I am thinking. Is this unlawful? Well it does not matter. We are actually Game Read. Mr. director says that the Jugofashion has complicated something for them in Rome. Unfair competition. They are raising the prices. Expensive. The situation is uncertain. Nevertheless, prepare the show. As an attachment I am sending the Italian models measures. My salami has gone off. Well, it seems that there will be no headache for us. Well, shall we do it? Good afternoon Cica. Good afternoon Cica, my beauty. Good afternoon. Mr. Bora, please. The concierge said that this was sent from the airport last night. Aha, read it. Let’s see what director is saying. Let see. Have a seat. Oho, the letter. Oho. Is it? Imagine that, thunder strikes them. Eh, the Jugofashion competition. When did they go to Rome? I would take them to the court of honor. After all, it is important that we have the measures. Eh, what did he say, the salami have gone off. I told him to take the Gavrilovic salami. Well, what is the use of the measurement if the models do not come on time? Don’t worry. Like you don’t know this director of ours? That one could bring a woman from the men’s monastery, let alone Rome. Eh, Rome. Romulus. Juventus Bologna Udinese. Cica, send this measurements to workshop immediately. Tell them that it was sent from Rome by Mr. director. Let them start working immediately. They must pay attention to sawing. All right. It is not aimed for our shops. Mr. Finance, I would wait little bit more for Mr. director to tell us are those Italians girls are coming or not. We can’t gain anything by waiting. If late Dior was waiting, do you think he would go so far? I mean, that he arrived at the end. JUGOCHIC. GRAND FASHION SHOW .VI “BOAT ZAGREB” DON’T FORGET, TONIGHT AT . I am going to Jugochic to spy out. And you go and see how our guys are doing. Games On my way. You mummy. Games Why did you keep quiet when I told you that in the event of something arrives from Italy, from the director,