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Freeway Fury 2, Freeway Fury 2 Game, Play Freeway Fury 2 Games
Use Arrow keys to move and jump. Press Z to hold and release.

What do you mean by capabilities? His body healed at a rate  times faster than normal. Cellular degeneration essentially halted. Ladies and gentlemen, Freeway Fury 2. O VER SPEAKERS] Hi.  You can’t drink too much now, all right?  All right. Sir, if you don’t mind my asking why a box? Your home is a box. Your car is a box on wheels. You drive to work in it. You drive home in it. You sit in your home, staring into a box. It erodes your soul while the box that is your body inevitably withers, then dies whereupon it is placed in the ultimate box to slowly decompose. It’s quite depressing when you think of it that way. Don’t think of it that way. Think of it as a temporary state of being. What happens once you’ve completed your tests? I submit the data to my employers and then your fate rests in their hands. One cannot say they are not without a bizarre sense of humor. Look at me. I wouldn’t know, sir, of whom it is that you speak. Your employers remain a mystery to us all. I like mystery. Don’t you?  How do we pass the test? Isn’t it obvious? Simply don’t press the button. If enough of you don’t, the test will conclude. But there will be more tests to come. Walk directly into the light. Do not turn back under any circumstances. When you walk into the light, you’re gonna feel your body submerged in a liquid. Try to hold your breath. If you feel a drowning sensation, it will pass. Where are you sending them? To prepare for the next test in Massachusetts. You spoke earlier about the altruism coefficient. If human beings are unable or unwilling to sacrifice individual desires for the greater good of your species, you will have no chance for survival. And my employers will be compelled to expedite your extinction. Clear? Yes, sir. I was gone, Norma. I was gone for nearly an hour. What did you see? Well, what was there in the light? Words can’t describe it. It’s a place neither here nor there but somewhere in between. It’s a warm embrace. A place where the sidewalk ends and despair is no longer the governor of the human heart. Dad. What’s going on? I’m gonna be sick, Walter. You can still save yourself. It’s too late for me, but you can still save yourself. Freeway Fury 2. Boy, do I got a lot of questions for you. If you want to survive this thing, you’ll come with me. Right now. All right, why don’t you put the gun down before someone sees you? Get in the truck. All right. Dad. Walter. Dad.  Walter. Walter. Walter! Walter! Walter! Those are classified CIA documents. “Test subjects and free will. Test subjects cannot be treated like employees. ”  Frontal lobe hemorrhage?  That’s his weakness. He hasn’t figured out how to get in their heads without them noticing.  The nosebleeds.  You see lots of them? Yeah. And so there’s limits to what it can do. It’s fallible. Living inside a yearold man? Yeah, that’s why it embedded itself at Langley. It’s got everything it needs Military, CIA, FBI, New Game. So he can be killed? Yes. The existence of life elsewhere in the universe. Where are we going? Look, it’s kidnapped your son, just like it took my daughter.  What?  But I know where it has him hidden. There’s a motel off I. It’s… Steward’s employees took your son there. It’s a transport hub. There’s a swimming pool they use, a sort of gateway. So did you push the button or was it your wife?  My wife.  Yeah. Yeah, mine too. And now she’s dead. Did you kill her? I did it for my daughter. What do you mean, you did it for your daughter? I had to make a choice between my wife and my daughter. Whoa. Follow the progress of our Viking mission and to reflect on our journey into the unknown. Was there anyone in the truck with him? Not that we saw. Let’s move! All teams execute! Bravo, Freeway Fury 2, forward position. Weapons tight. Move, move, move! Play Game. Play Game, listen to me. Whatever happens to you from this point on will have greater ramifications than you can possibly fathom. Please, have a seat. Where’s our son? He’s in a safe place. We’ll get to him in a moment. Please sit down. I want you to know that I have the deepest respect and admiration for you both.