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 Frenzy Bar taking off the mob this dumb you can do that in a direct vision and then end up. with pretty much the similar looking lotto chris me to cruise. at the end. as you can see also you could. make manipulations of suturing these dellums a little bit together. rightness area. better is to make them. org acute angle. and then when those replaced back up in the. under the nasal tip scam. in effect. the tip of knows a little bit more and also a narrow the distance between the. dogs which in this john’s case was about ten millimeters. more ideal with has about six days in all matters depending on the notes. but we’re going to proceed with malice called the skeletons nation of the door. some of the mods we’re looking into the right near east remember on the side of. the recipient truck on a large instances in. so we’ve pulled down the coast a little bit here so we can get up to the uh…. Frenzy Bar upper level colleges which the edges sitting right there. in the sky organization essentially take the blade place of over the top. of the upper level cartilage. we feel with our blade make sure on the right plane. then we use this plane. it’ll turn our camera. anna fashion of doing undermining wish they were right on top. upper level college the surface so we stayed in the just in the super up her. conroe plane. use this. in a manner so that we dissect that point. by staying in the super para cargo plane. pretty much of invest or playing you can’t turn up six couple would go up. towards abortion as well. you feel of the back of the blade there. the short strokes. you can go ahead and come over the top. even head down towards the spurs supplying all. flip the way back. Frenzy Bar and what we’re doing us. jelly working our way up. to the carlisle tennis bony junction. which is indicated by that line. and remember what we’re going to do is really undermine. this portion that is a carload lots portion. super para cargo plane. we want to get up here to the bony portion. we’re just going to undermine the part of the hump we’re going to take off. one to do that though in the sub curry austral plants we have to come up with. our blade. and we feel. with the blade pushing down. junction between the bone in the cartilage remember the upper-level karne. lage under laps. mailbox here. co if we come up in your end up right on the edge of the barn. and you’ll fill a college if you pull back. we want to make a mic. in the perry austin right there. so that we can take a joseph elevator. so maybe a little neck. joseph elevator. put this back in the same. exact plan. walk away up there. and find that little place. we just neck. died. some perry asked chilly here. feel if your fingers. controlscan and i will reduce with undermine the perry asked him. just over that portion accompli want to take off so we come little bit laterally. joe the press elevators sharp on all at once we come down about that barbies. that represents no farther than we want to go. to remove this hump. and then this section from here. down to world day. nasal osti arteries. than lateral maze lassie armies will be done to narrow the nose from the section. there. this portion of the nasal bone on the phone call so the next door. is going to get. pushed in with the awesome army fractures. is attached. to this protocol up here laterally and also immediately conversely if with the. nasal mucosa. solely underlined all that. essentially can go over to the other side. there may be a little curtain of tissue in the center that goes into them. sutra between the names of arms with the joe’s appel there usually can. go through that curtain easily. basically going to do the same procedure to then i was on the other side here. and remember on the side we end up with an incurred card legis incision. right on the edge already. Frenzy Bar a for a lot of code seven turn this around. gone ahead and dissected decide just make it will be easier for. instruction purposes but again i feel to make sure. just on top. apa level college in the super cub. superb schism supercar contour plan. so i get up to the coursework feel the edge of the nasal bone.