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  There’s a mountain of metal raining down on us. We’re certainly breathing that metal. We have documented from the computer modeling some unintended consequences. If such a contamination is present, shouldn’t we investigate? Shouldn’t local agencies investigate, which they have patently refused to do? There’s no question that large-scale climate engineering is untested and dangerous. I would disagree quite strongly that it is– um, doesn’t exist. I think that the capacity to do it in engineering terms most certainly exists, and that’s part of the reason we have to think seriously about how we manage that. We are breathing a mountain of metal, and that can’t be denied. If geoengineering continues, and the weather manipulation continues, and genetic modification continues overtaking, we’re going to lose our ability to grow good, nutritious food. We are going to lose our ability to thrive. I personally consider this ongoing toxic dumping into our atmosphere to be, along with nuclear radiation, the most dangerous threats to our health and to our environment.