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Which is? What can you find very cheap here in Sicily? What thing can be found at the street corners or on the stalls? I don’t know. Honour. Honour, Marshal! It’s the answer to it all. We must look for Nicolosi at once and pull those horns off of his head! Marshal, you have a son studying engineering, right? Yes, why? What’s happened? Is he afraid of Carabinieri too? No! That would be the last straw! Excuse me, but have you taken exams on construction? Of course! He took thirty! I want to prove that everyone around here stole except for Colasberna. That is poor construction and falsified technical data. You’ll need a civil engineer, an expert. I’m only a student. If I wait for the court to appoint an expert Game Game the investigation will also be at a stand still for a year. If the State mechanism isn’t working, it’s not the fault of me or my generation. Captain, my son didn’t follow in my footsteps, he only thinks about his degree. Yes, I can see!. And when he finishes his studies Game Game his employers will be those that build these roads. And if there’ll be a killer amongst them? It’s not up to engineers to look for killers. It’s up to us all! If you don’t need me anymore Game Bye Dad. Colasberna wanted things to be clean. He was stubborn. He didn’t want to pay for protection. And he refused to blackmail. Captain! Game But those who pay protection know that they’ll never get inspected, therefore they can go on quietly building their bridges with manure! If we don’t get rid of these people, they’ll kill someone else. And in the meantime we’re still looking for Colasberna’s killer. And this is my fear above all, that it’s not the last of the killings. This one’s capable of coming here every day to get on our nerves. Add a bit more cement! Ok Without anonymous letters or informers, we’d be going round in circles and you know that Captain. I’m sorry Captain, but it’s my experience that makes me a bit controversial. You’re still enthusiastic and without kids at university.