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Eventually, the continent became more settled. Over the next few thousand years, people adapted to the many regions of the continent and their varying lifestyles were shaped by the landscape they lived in. Then more than , years after the first people set foot in north Game, another wave of immigrants brought changes that would have a dramatic impact on the landscape and wildlife of the new world. Just over  years ago, europeans arrived in north Game. And with these colonisers came an animal that hadn’t been seen here for thousands of years. The horse returned to the Games, now tamed and carrying the spanish conquistadors. This new form of transport was rapidly adopted by the native people, which was bad news for some native animals. Bison had once lived alongside the wild horses of north Game and had prospered at the end of the ice age while the horses became extinct. But now the new tame horse became the bison’s enemy. The horse’s speed and stamina gave native people an advantage over their prey that they never had before.