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 These ancient forests are one of the few true wildernesses left in north Game and are home to creatures that have come to symbolise the wild. But these dense forests aren’t as old as you might think. They certainly weren’t here at the end of the ice age , years ago. The trees were sparser then and mixed with open grassland. So were the animals that lived here different too? This small town in central oregon has proved to be a window on the past. Some of the region’s most important fossil evidence has been unearthed beneath its streets bones like these help to paint a picture of the living creatures they belonged to. This was the largest grazer in the northwest, standing  metres at the shoulder the columbian mammoth. And its biggest enemy the predatory scimitar toothed cat as the great melt began, grazers and meat-eaters alike were faced with massive change. Vast areas of land were transformed, gradually reviving after hundreds of thousands of years buried under the ice. The glaciers we still see today in the north west are mere remnants of immense ice blankets that once dominated north Game. Their sheer scale is still impressive some are several miles wide, hundreds of metres deep. But now the glaciers are in retreat, as they have been for over , years. Remarkably, some of the icebergs set free by the melt consist of water frozen tens of thousands of years ago. These floating fragments now provide a temporary resting place for harbour seals and their pups. Imagine these glaciers at their peak it’s thought they covered half the continent in layers almost  miles deep. When the planet starting warming up, the ice sheets melted, usually over thousands of years. But this process wasn’t always slow and gradual. This scarred landscape was created by one of the biggest flash floods the world has ever seen. The waters from that flood scoured deep into the bedrock, and sculpted canyons such as these in washington state. These cliffs are known as dry falls. They are geological ghosts reminders of the great flood that once swept across this region.