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Frozen Beauty Dress Code We got in some little spat about something. I don’t even remember about what, and then, poof she’s gone. She’s out the door. You know where she goes, Richie? She goes to The Devoe. Really? Yeah. She marches over to that shithole club she texts me that she found her friend Flora and that was it. That was the last I heard from her. I got friends over there. I keep tabs on the competition. The bouncers tell me that she goes into the club around a.m. and then she doesn’t come out. She goes in, but she doesn’t come out. At least, not through the front door. You did the late shift last night, right? So I wanna know. Did you see anything? Did I see anything? Yeah. Did I see anything? My late shift is later than most. As you know, I don’t game I don’t see much of anything ever. You know, most days, nobody even talks to me at all. I mean, nobody sees anything in me and I don’t see anything in game in anybody else. And that’s game that’s my life. You didn’t answer my question. Forget it, Richie. You’re good people, I just game I don’t know. I thought maybe you knew something. You know, it’s just game my head is just all ed up right now, you know? II’m sure that, you know this will all game be sorted out. I mean, these things happen. These fights, right? Yeah. I mean game Look. Heroin does strange things to people. What was that? I game I was just saying that I think How’d you know she does heroin? How would you know that? I must have misunderstood. What’s there to misunderstand? You said heroin, I didn’t say anything about that. Didn’t you? No, no. I didn’t tell you. I haven’t even told my best friends. Why would I tell you? You said that that she went looking for her friend Flora. Flora is slang for heroin. Flora is slang for heroin. You ever heard of that? Ever heard of Flora? No. Boy here knows everything about that, he says no. Would you in’ lie to me? I had a very intimate relationship with the lady. I know all her secrets and I know all her names. I know who Flora is. I know what she does. I don’t know much about